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If one is looking at two stars which might be beneath the North Star, for example, the one that is “east” will actually be further to the left. The intercardinal (intermediate, or, traditionally, ordinal) directions are the 4 intermediate compass directions located halfway between each pair of cardinal directions. Because of the Earth’s axial tilt, no matter what the location of the viewer, there are only two days every year when the solar rises exactly due east. On all other days, relying on the time of 12 months, the sun rises either north or south of true east (and units north or south of true west).

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The 4 cardinal instructions, or cardinal factors, are the directions north, east, south, and west, generally denoted by their initials N, E, S, and W. East and west are perpendicular (at right angles) to north and south, with east being in the clockwise direction of rotation from north and west being instantly reverse east.

In this context, up and down relate to elevation, altitude, or possibly depth (if water is involved). The topographic map is a special case of cartography in which the elevation is indicated on the map, usually through contour strains. The Earth has a magnetic area which is roughly aligned with its axis of rotation. A magnetic compass is a tool that uses this area to find out the cardinal instructions.

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Cardinal and non-compound intercardinal instructions in Estonian and Finnish. Further intermixing between directions south and northwest happen in different Finnic languages.

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It is possible that some northern people used the Germanic names for the intermediate instructions. Medieval Scandinavian orientation would thus have concerned a 45 degree rotation of cardinal instructions.

In pre-modern Europe more generally, between eight and 32 points of the compass – cardinal and intercardinal subdirections – got names. These often corresponded to the directional winds of the Mediterranean Sea (for instance, southeast was linked to the Sirocco, a wind from the Sahara). Countries the place Arabic is used refer to the cardinal instructions as Ash Shamal (N), Al Gharb (W), Ash Sharq (E) and Al Janoob (S). All 5 are used for geographic subdivision names (wilayahs, states, areas, governorates, provinces, districts and even cities), and some are the origin of some Southern Iberian place names (such as Algarve, Portugal and Axarquía, Spain).

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For all locations, the solar is seen to rise north of east (and set north of west) from the Northward equinox to the Southward equinox, and rise south of east (and set south of west) from the Southward equinox to the Northward equinox. A compass rose exhibiting the four cardinal instructions, the 4 intercardinal directions, and eight extra divisions. Many aboriginal languages comprise phrases for the usual four cardinal instructions, however some include phrases for five and even 6 cardinal instructions. Ten Hindu deities, generally known as the “Dikpālas”, have been acknowledged in classical Indian scriptures, symbolizing the four cardinal and four intercardinal instructions with the extra instructions of up and down.

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In Chinese tradition, a 5 cardinal level system is a basis for I Ching, the Wu Xing and the five bare-eye planets. In traditional Chinese astrology, the zodiacal belt is divided into the 4 constellation groups similar to the 4 cardinal directions.

This axis intersects the Celestial Sphere on the North and South Celestial poles, which seem to the observer to lie directly above due North and South respectively on the horizon. There is a standard method by which an analogue watch can be used to locate north and south.