Deadline we have set for ourselves is a realistic one, said Corbyn. (Starmer) and I have spent many, many hours in Brussels and other European capitals going through our process with governments, officials and other socialist parties across Europe. Wouldn be saying this if we didn think it was realistic and do able.

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This is perhaps the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Ray Villard, the news director for the Hubble Space Telescope, also writes a blog for Discovery called Cosmic Ray (love that name!) He recently wrote about a dragonfly like robotic device being developed by the Technical University Delft, Wageningen University in the Netherlands. It’s call the ExoFly steroids, and Ray described it as a “dragonfly on steroids a nimble flapping aerobot.” It could be the next generation of robotic planetary explorers.

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The intracellular calcium concentration rose on depolarization of the cells, in an extracellular calcium concentration dependent manner. This increase was blocked by various metal ions with varying sensitivities: La(^3+)>Cd(^2+)>Cu(^2+)>CoNi(^2+). The rate of change of intracellular calcium concentration was increased by increased temperature, but did not appear to be affected by thermal acclimation.

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